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Why Mondano?

  • Nature Made Design.

    Diatomaceous Earth is a finely ground powder made of ancient ocean deposits and has an incredible ability to absorb moisture.

  • Rapidly Evaporates H2O.

    Our Diatomaceous Earth mats can hold up to 150% of its weight in moisture & it evaporates in seconds.

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    Enjoy peace of mind with our products, which are protected for at least one year against any potential issues that may arise.

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Diatomaceous Earth Stone Bath Mat - Graphite Grey
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Diatomaceous Earth Stone Bath Mat - Graphite Grey
MONDANO™ Diatomaceous Earth Stone Bath Mat - Graphite GreyMONDANO™ Diatomaceous Earth Stone Bath Mat - Graphite Grey
Diatomaceous Earth Stone Bath Mat - Graphite Grey
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Customer Reviews:

"We received this mat to put in our spare bathroom. It’s large enough to step out onto and get dry. The material is solid stone. So no flex to it at all. It arrives in one solid piece. The color is nice and there isn’t a logo plastered all over it. This mat fits the space we have for it and I think we like it so far!"


"Extremely absorbent, once I get out the shower I dry myself while standing on the stone and within seconds to minutes it’s dry. And it takes months for it to get dirty looking.. and all you have to do is rub it down with a piece of sandpaper by hand (1 is provided) and it only takes a couple minutes at most"


"This stone bath mat is a fantastic alternative to a bath mat. Instead of water soaking into a rug, it evaporates off the stone which is much more hygienic. The stone does not feel slippery at all to step on with wet feet, and is very absorptive. Water does not run off of the stone, but soaks into it instead. Overall, a much more hygienic alternative to bath mats."


"I haaaate soggy bath mats, and this has improved my life SO much.
I am not sure if this is the best on the market, but it’s been great for us thus far. Plus it looks good!
I was surprised when I took it out of the box, because it was very lightweight and less like a stone slab.
I am going to recommend diatomaceous bath mats to everyone I know lol"


"Everyone should own one of these mats. This mat is very absorbent and easy to clean. It keeps my floor dry, and it also feels nice under my feet."